Supporting the Communities Where We Work





Being a good neighbor means supporting the communities where we work — and with Block’s distributed workforce, our community is global. We try to do our part by fostering inclusive spaces, preserving local culture, helping underserved communities, and more.

Creating economic opportunities

In 2020 we committed to investing $100 million to increase financial access within minority and underserved communities. A defining goal of this program is to give unbanked people access to financial tools historically limited to those with privilege. Learn more about our investing approach in the Racial Equity and Social Impact Investment Memo.

Providing direct support

Cash App promotes and supports organizations — including AAPI Hate, Assata’s Daughters, and World Food Program USA — focused on addressing racial inequality, financial inclusion, and providing essential services to vulnerable communities.

Preserving local culture

Celebrating and preserving local culture is part of Block’s identity. In that spirit, we opened the Square Community Space — a free, reservable space on the first floor of the historic Uptown Station building, the same location as Square’s Oakland office. It’s a place for people to gather, collaborate, and have fun.

Support for small business

Block partners with organizations that provide small business owners with education, access to capital, and counseling resources. In 2021, we produced more than 100 webinars in English and Spanish with information on how sellers can accept all forms of payment and bring their business online. We also work with local chambers of commerce and other organizations to create greater financial inclusion for Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and Asian communities.